"Playing an instrument is a beautiful experience,
which I love to share with others.

Background information

 I designed this video-course hoping it may entice you to try and play the accordion.
Playing an instrument is a beautiful experience, which I love to share with others. Back in the 80’s I took some lessons from an enthusiastic amateur in Amsterdam. I had relatively little ambitions. Like most others I just wished to be able to play a nice tune. Now, 25 years later I play the accordion, and members of the accordion instrument family, on a daily basis. Indeed, my passion for these instruments has spread beyond just the accordion and I have made video courses for the button-accordion and the squeeze-box as well. In the ‘links’ section you can find websites where these courses are available.  

The course is designed to introduce you to the beauty of the accordion, through 20 short melodies (more will follow). In small steps you will become familiar with the ins and outs of the instrument. Simply by repeating what I am doing. Don’t expect impressive hand movements or complicated techniques, the internet is already full of those. This is about discovering a new instrument, through the small steps of early exploration. What I share is the first steps every accordion player needs to learn. I have tried to explain them as accessible and easy as possible.  

Hopefully you will be motivated to practice, in the end that’s what learning to play an instrument (or maybe even learning in general) is all about: experiencing the joy of playing and practicing. Until one day you’ll find your fingers will find the buttons themselves and the melody will flow from your hands without any conscious effort.  

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With the exception of the sheet music bundle everything on this website is free. That has been a conscious choice. It’s my way of giving something back to the internet, which has given me a lot over the years. I hope it may inspire you to share your skills and knowledge with others as well.  
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